Monday, February 18, 2008

Kadens first haircut

Kaden got his first haircut, and here are some pictures! :)



New Family Members

This is Gustav.

This is Prudence.

They both are Figure 8 brackish puffers, and I LOVE them!! they eat LIVE fish.. hopefully they will live a long life! :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Ouwee and Apple

Heres that cute video i was talking about below.

Words of the Week

Kaden has added a few more words to his vocabulary. Ouwee, and apple. That's all hes saying right now. Its so cute. I'm proud of him, and of me. i told myself that i wouldn't get to watch the hills tonight if i didn't read one of the 3 stories i have left for my Mass Media class, and i did. and i proud, and i liked it. shocking. It was like 6 pages long, which isn't a lot, but it took me about 30 minutes to get through it. its a hard read, a lot of material, dense and dry. so i was surprise that i actually wanted to keep reading. It was about copyright, which i didn't know anything about. I have my first mid-term on Thursday, right before we leave to go to Rochester!! yay!! So that's why I'm getting a jump start on the whole studying thing. :) did i mention its essay? that's going to suck. i don't know if you've notice, but sometimes its hard for me to express my self in words. I'm not very good at that. I'm more of an action person i think. yeah.

yesterday we went to Gigi and papas for dinner and that was fun. we had chili. then kaden and i went on the four-wheeler, and got so totally lost. it was crazy. but we found our way out, and on the way there i saw this cool little animals house. so i went back and took pictures. (below) i was a little scared that something might jump out at me. i kept picturing the wolf from the movie The Neverending Story, that was so freaky.

today i read about what happened in Wisconsin. It was so sad. I cried a little. My BFF Ashley calls me a big baby. I am a big baby. ;) and OMGosh... for my Mass Media class we have to read the NY Times everyday and i usually don't. but today i decided to pick it up, and on the front of the business page is my most favorite Friday night show... INTERVENTION. It was all about how the producers are letting the addicts do unlawful things under the influence, like driving drunk, and questioning when the right time to step in is. I actually read it. It was awesome.

Well, the Hills is on soon. Later...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A funny video

here the other video of kaden and the curtain... the other one didnt turn out as great. ALSO... i posted one below right before i posted this one. Keep up to date! ;) hehe.

Single Parent Class

YAY.. finally i meet people. tonight we went to this single parent class at the campus daycare center. Its every Wednesday from 530 to 7. I loved it. They feed us dinner, and then the kids play while the parents in a separate room talk and stuff. it was a lot of fun, and i finally feel like I'm going to make some friends. Which is way awesome! I think Kaden had a lot of fun also. He went straight to bed tonight, he was pooped. Unlike last night when he stayed up until 11:30. Ugh.. i know mom... I'm supposed to let him scream. but he literally screamed for 20 minutes, and was thrashing himself EVERYWHERE. and he didn't stop scream and throwing himself all over the room even when i took him out of his crib. So i think it was more that he just didn't want to go to bed. But, tonight there was NO battle, which is always good. Well, that's all for now... :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Environmental Earth and Space Studies! woot!

Okay, so... my first official degree i was going to get was nursing, and for some reason i didn't want to.. i didn't know why. But when i found out i could do something else i definitely jumped at the opportunity. So i changed it to biology, and then found out i can do the same thing in chemistry that i was going to do in biology, and liked that much better. Well.. now i have changed it once again. Now it is ...SURPRISE... a bachelors in environmental earth and space studies!!! yay!! I'm sooo excited. woo. hahaha, JK!! i changed it back to nursing. which i AM really excited about now. I want to help deliver the babies. I think the reason behind that too is my nurse that i had watched TV the whole time. yeah... no joke. Plus nursing has more of a personal touch to it. I'll get to interact with people rather than petri dishes.

Anyway, its also funny that i said environmental earth and space studies because if i couldn't do the nursing i was considering that. I'm taking this AWESOME class call People and The Environment. Its SO great. I'm really learning something FINALLY. And I'm really interested in what the professors are talking about. Today we learned about Carrying Capacity, 2ND Law of thermodynamics, the energy flow through food chains. Its VERY interesting. I love it. I will NEVER skip that class (its only once a week too). And for the small group i have for that class we are going to Bemidji State Park on Thursday to go on the Bog Walk. I'm so excited!

Below is a video of Kaden running back and forth behind this curtain i set up. You can also see how i rearranged my apartment. Hes so funny. I love em.